Thursday, February 10, 2011


I loved the sunglasses that Jennifer Lopez wore on the beginning of American Idol tonight....They kind of looked liked these Chanel Sunglasses....

And, I absolutely love love love the scarf, that was actually a belt!!  I think Brooke's husband thought we were crazy but it was so chic and I think little Lawton loved it too!  You never know when you will find little jewels in your closet...or your Momma's closet...or your Grandmother's....or a good friend.  I love giving my things to my wonderful sister-in-law.  She is raising my two amazing nephews and never has enough time for herself.  She shares her wonderful sons with me and I share all my goodies with her!!  Not nearly enough of an equal trade, but fun!  Xoxo!!


  1. Another place to find interesting pieces is an antique or vintage store! One woman's past is another woman's future.

  2. Baaaaahaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! Why don't you "share" those glasses with me? Winky wink!