Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fall 2012 Trend Alert!

I love keeping up with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. With Facebook and Twitter, the updates are endless and pictures from the shows come out so quickly. I have seen several updates come out, all about one thing, maxi!! Maxi dresses have always been a favorite of mine in the spring and summer. So easy, so comfy and a beautiful long and lean look. I am excited to see that this trend is showing up for fall! Long dresses shown with structured jackets, long skirts shown with chunky knits. Even St. John showed a long flannel skirt... I am sure the usual suspects of trends will find their way, leather, knits, masculine dressing, but it is refreshing to see a new trend pop in there. I am already creating outfits in my head!! Happy Weekend All! Xoxo!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I loved the sunglasses that Jennifer Lopez wore on the beginning of American Idol tonight....They kind of looked liked these Chanel Sunglasses....

And, I absolutely love love love the scarf, that was actually a belt!!  I think Brooke's husband thought we were crazy but it was so chic and I think little Lawton loved it too!  You never know when you will find little jewels in your closet...or your Momma's closet...or your Grandmother's....or a good friend.  I love giving my things to my wonderful sister-in-law.  She is raising my two amazing nephews and never has enough time for herself.  She shares her wonderful sons with me and I share all my goodies with her!!  Not nearly enough of an equal trade, but fun!  Xoxo!!

Let's talk about Coral!

One of my favorite trends of the spring season is the color, Coral.  It is a great shade of Orange (my favorite color) and one that is easy to wear because there are so many places to make it pop!!  The easiest way to add coral to your wardrobe is in jewelry.  When I was putting looks together for Brooke, I found a great coral necklace in her closet.

I paired it with this Banana Republic top that still had the tags on it.  It was a cute floral (another trend) printed silk top with a self belt.  I usually do not like self belts but this one came with the same print on a ribbon style belt and when I tied it in a sweet bow, it really made the top flattering to Brooke's tiny waist.  We also found this bag in the closet under a few others and Brooke remembered it came with a longer strap.  I added the longer strap and slung it across her cross body style.  This added a new trend to the look and updated the top and basic pair of black Seven jeans.

We also found a cute pair of coral colored flat Liz Claiborne sandals.  Besides jewelry, shoes are another easy way to add a pop of color.  Especially if the color does not work with your skin tone directly, shoes and jewelry keep it away from your face, therefore anyone can wear it!

Here is another close up of the coral necklace with a simple striped button down.  The coral really pops with against the top.  Paired back to the white Seven (yes, again, stick with the brand that works for you) this really looked great.

Coral is just one of the fabulous spring trends!!  The warm weather is right around the corner (fingers crossed) so it is never too soon to think about adding things to your closet in this beautiful color.  It can also be brought into your look through makeup... Chanel has a wonderful Rouge Allure color in their spring collection!  All of the great makeup lines (Bobbi, Laura Mercier, Armani) are all showing a clean simple face for spring and shades of coral can be found to add touches to the lips, eyes and cheeks.  There are so many wonderful makeup artists around to help you achieve that wonderful Spring face... I happen to know a few of them if you're interested!!  Until next time, Xoxo!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pink Cowboy Boots, Barefeet and Uggs!!!

I was taking a walk through my parents beautiful neighborhood today.  I was wearing my old standby, Puma yoga pants, Auburn Tee, and my Reebok Easy tones (we'll see if they work come bathing suit season)....  I was super comfy on my walk... I saw the school bus coming my way and it stopped a few yards ahead of me.  Out came three cute little elementary aged schoolgirls.  The two blonde haired cuties had on cowboy boots, one the traditional brown color and the other a hot pink pair, the third girl had on a pair of Ugg boots that almost passed her knees.  I couldn't help but smile at the individual styles of these little girls...They had on book bags of different colors and different patterns (hello, pink zebra print)...They ran in front of me and when they got close to mom, she was holding another toe head blonde, this one with ruffled crop pants and barefeet.  I had to smile at each one, though fashion trends may come and go, style is something that is within us from the time that we are little tiny beings....I mean seriously, there is no way any momma thought that those Ugg boots fit that little girl, but can you imagine the argument at the breakfast table where the little one eventually won and wore them to school!  Xoxo girls!!  Bring on the style, I can't wait to see what you grow up to be!

Sunday with Brooke!

Sunday afternoon was so much fun!  This is what Brooke and I started with.  She had already pulled her jeans and cords from the closet and laid them on the bed.  This made it super easy to dive right in.  Brooke was such a sport and just started trying things on!  We started with the jeans.  It is so important to have a great fitting pair of jeans and to find the right pair for your body type.  I had been in a fitting room with Brooke a few times and knew that she was not a fan of the skinny jeans.  Even though skinny jeans have been a trend for the past few years, and yes, they are probably more of a staple than a trend, it doesn't work for everyone!  Brooke did have a couple of great pairs of skinny jeans that really did look great on her!  This black pair from Old Navy for example we used in a couple of outfits....

These black skinnies looked great with this racer back tank for a night on the town.  We added some black booties, a couple long necklaces and more than a few bangles and the look was a go!  The look is simple and a little funky.

When we first pulled this little black top out of the closet, I wasn't sure what we were going to do with it!  It snapped at the collar and had to long black ties hanging down, I know I looked at Brooke puzzled and she said that she loved the top and had worn it recently and gotten lots of compliments.  I paired it with the black skinnies and this black and brown striped cardi.  We added the fabulous tall brown Frye boots and the look really came together.  This is a look I thought was super cool.  I love mixing black with other colors, black and navy is one of my favorites, but this black and brown look really came together and is so easy to wear.  The big side bow on the collar is just unexpected enough to be fashion forward.  In addition to the black skinnies, Brooke also had a pair of grey skinnies that we put a few looks together with!

Both of these looks are casual and easy.  The top photo utilized Brooke's favorite scarf and a cardi she said that she had never worn before.  Mixing prints is an easy and fun way to update a look.  In the second look we just took a striped sweater and through a black blazer over it.  I have found that adding that third piece really makes a look complete.

These are just a few of the looks we came up with during our time together.  I will post more soon!  Thanks so much to Brooke for being my willing participant and letting me invade her space!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Second Post!!!

I promise my next few titles will be more interesting than first and second posts!  I am new to this whole blogging thing but am super excited!  Fashion is my most favorite hobby and a love of mine!!  I will talk  ad nauseum about what I think about clothes and fashion.  I had so much fun yesterday playing with my friend Brooke!  We came up with some great fall looks and I am excited to post them here tomorrow for y'all to see!!  We came up with all of the looks from her closet and didn't spend a dime.  Although I will talk about fashion and clothes mostly, you should also get ready to learn all about my wonderful family and friends!  My biggest critic and closest confidant is my four year old nephew, Hunter, who at two years old looked at me and said, "Toto, put on a dress", when I sat lazily in my sweats!!  Xoxo!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

First Post!!

So excited to start my new blog!  Today is Super Bowl Sunday, but since I have no dog in the fight, I am going to have my own fun with my friend Brooke!!  We will be doing some closet editing, some makeup and some wardrobe building.  I am going to take lots of pictures and will post them here after...  Oh, and next week starts Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC for the fall collections.  Can't wait to see what the designers are going to show!  Xo!