Monday, February 7, 2011

Second Post!!!

I promise my next few titles will be more interesting than first and second posts!  I am new to this whole blogging thing but am super excited!  Fashion is my most favorite hobby and a love of mine!!  I will talk  ad nauseum about what I think about clothes and fashion.  I had so much fun yesterday playing with my friend Brooke!  We came up with some great fall looks and I am excited to post them here tomorrow for y'all to see!!  We came up with all of the looks from her closet and didn't spend a dime.  Although I will talk about fashion and clothes mostly, you should also get ready to learn all about my wonderful family and friends!  My biggest critic and closest confidant is my four year old nephew, Hunter, who at two years old looked at me and said, "Toto, put on a dress", when I sat lazily in my sweats!!  Xoxo!

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