Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sunday with Brooke!

Sunday afternoon was so much fun!  This is what Brooke and I started with.  She had already pulled her jeans and cords from the closet and laid them on the bed.  This made it super easy to dive right in.  Brooke was such a sport and just started trying things on!  We started with the jeans.  It is so important to have a great fitting pair of jeans and to find the right pair for your body type.  I had been in a fitting room with Brooke a few times and knew that she was not a fan of the skinny jeans.  Even though skinny jeans have been a trend for the past few years, and yes, they are probably more of a staple than a trend, it doesn't work for everyone!  Brooke did have a couple of great pairs of skinny jeans that really did look great on her!  This black pair from Old Navy for example we used in a couple of outfits....

These black skinnies looked great with this racer back tank for a night on the town.  We added some black booties, a couple long necklaces and more than a few bangles and the look was a go!  The look is simple and a little funky.

When we first pulled this little black top out of the closet, I wasn't sure what we were going to do with it!  It snapped at the collar and had to long black ties hanging down, I know I looked at Brooke puzzled and she said that she loved the top and had worn it recently and gotten lots of compliments.  I paired it with the black skinnies and this black and brown striped cardi.  We added the fabulous tall brown Frye boots and the look really came together.  This is a look I thought was super cool.  I love mixing black with other colors, black and navy is one of my favorites, but this black and brown look really came together and is so easy to wear.  The big side bow on the collar is just unexpected enough to be fashion forward.  In addition to the black skinnies, Brooke also had a pair of grey skinnies that we put a few looks together with!

Both of these looks are casual and easy.  The top photo utilized Brooke's favorite scarf and a cardi she said that she had never worn before.  Mixing prints is an easy and fun way to update a look.  In the second look we just took a striped sweater and through a black blazer over it.  I have found that adding that third piece really makes a look complete.

These are just a few of the looks we came up with during our time together.  I will post more soon!  Thanks so much to Brooke for being my willing participant and letting me invade her space!

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  1. You are the best!! Def put the other pics up to show the jewelry! You are so talented....still amazed