Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fun Friday with the Clairsonic

A couple weeks ago, my friend Katie sent me a text.

"Have you tried the Clairsonic?"

I had tried it once, I had a facial and the Esthetician used the Clairsonic to give my skin a deep clean.  I remembered thinking that it was a neat product but I hadn't really thought much more about it.  Katie ended up finding a great deal on one of the Clairsonic Mia's and when we planned to hang out on Friday, I said, bring it, we'll have wine and cleanse!!

On their website, Clairsonic states that their product "removes 6x more makeup and a2x more oil than cleaning with your hands alone" (  The website also says that it is gentle enough to use twice a day.  Katie has been using her's twice a day and is absolutely in love with it.  She was kind enough to let me snap some pics of her while she cleansed.

Katie used Cetaphil cleanser with it.  You can use whichever cleanser you prefer.  I had to get my hands on it of course and I tried it out next.

I have been using this shu uemura cleansing oil and am not ready to part with it.  Shu uemura cleansing oils have a way of protecting the skins balance and they remove makeup and cleanse in one step so they make it very easy to cleanse at night.  I started with that and then moved onto using the Clairsonic.

You can definitely feel it working and it doesn't feel abrasive at all.  One thing I have heard is that people are scared that it will be too rough on their skin and it doesn't feel that way at all.  I could tell a difference in my skin after I used after just one time.  My skin felt cleaner and more refreshed.  I agreed with Katie, I loved it and will be ordering my own Clairsonic soon.  You read so much about skin care and moisturizing but I believe that this product will fit perfectly in any skin care routine.  The cleaner your skin is, the more you can really soak up all of those amazing serums and moisturizers we all spend so much on.  You can purchase the Clairsonic on their website, as well as retailers like Sephora.  Katie picked up hers at Juvitus on the web.

Have you tried it yet?

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  1. Excuse me, I didn't know you had a blog!! I am obsessed with blogs especially when its people I know. I literally just went back and read all your old posts. Loved the rundown on Nordstorms Rack and the pics of Lindsay trying on dresses! I am so excited to follow/stalk your blog! Hope to see you next time I am home. By the way I have a blog too check it out