Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shopping with Lindsay

One of my most favorite things to do is help someone find the perfect dress.  Well, the perfect dress, pair of jeans, outfit, even bra.  I love helping people to look their absolute best.  It not only makes them shine from the outside but the perfect clothing on the outside can make you feel amazing on the inside.  My beautiful cousin Lindsay needed a dress for an outdoor wedding in Charleston, South Carolina and I was so excited when she contacted me.  I popped in to Monkee's over at the Morocroft Shopping Center and they have some beautiful things.  I pulled some dresses that morning that I thought would be perfect for the occasion and for Lindsay's personal style.  Lindsay is a beautiful petite woman with a great reddish brown hair color.  She can wear a size 0 or 2 so it is easy to find things that will fit her.  Here are a few of the things we tried.

This cute little Alice + Olivia number caught my attention on the rack.  It was a fun little print and it had straps on the back that looked like buckles.  We both loved it but when Lindsay put it on, the top was just too big on her petite frame.  We tightened the buckles (which is a nice feature of the dress) but it just still didn't fit right.  As you can see in the picture above, the bunchiness at the top just didn't do anything for her figure.

This was another cute option.  We loved the comfort of the easy strapless cotton, but it was just not right for the occasion.  This would be great for the beach in the summer with a pair of Rainbows and cute with a pair of strappies for a night out in Charlotte, but it was not the look that we wanted for the event.

When I picked this up, I was attracted to the green color.  Green looks amazing on Lindsay.  With her hair color and her skin tone, this color is great for her.  And, hello, this is Susana Monaco!  Remember the fab tube tops from a few years back!  I haven't seen them around in so long but this maxi dress was amazing.  Yes, it would definitely need to be hemmed but we loved this.  Again though, we just didn't think that this was the look Lindsay was going for.  The wedding was in Charleston in April and it was an outdoors so we wanted something more colorful, more fun.  The following dress was the first one that I picked up when I walked into Monkees.

This Shoshanna dress was PERFECT!  The colors were so vibrant and it fit Lindsay perfectly.  The best thing about this dress was that it required zero alterations.  The length was perfect on Lindsay's petite frame.  It is always hard for petite girls to find a dress that doesn't require any alterations on the length.  Lindsay is about 5'2"...Our beloved Yiayia (grandmother in Greek) was a teeny tiny thing and my lovely Aunt Loula (Lindsay's mom) is tiny as well, so this runs in our family.  The wonderful thing about this dress is that the straps are adjustable, so it could be fitted on top to fit Lindsay's frame.  I have helped my Aunt Loula find a dress many times and we have always had to have them altered so it was an added bonus that this dress did not need any alterations.  Shoshanna dresses are wonderful for all body types.

You can see from this side profile picture how the dress hits Lindsay perfectly in the waist.  The most flattering part of a woman's body is the waist, it is the smallest part of our bodies and should always be emphasized.  You can see how flattering it is on Lindsay.  You can also see in this picture the adjustable straps in the back.  This will be beautiful on Lindsay at the wedding in Charleston with a great pair of nude heels and she can wear it over and over, just changing up the shoes.  She can pop on a pair of wedges for a look that is a little less dressy and she can take it to the beach in the summer for a fun dinner out.  We all love dresses that we can wear again and again by just changing up a few things.

A big thank you to Lindsay for letting me use her on my blog.  She looks beautiful!  If I can help anyone find a dress, please email me at  This is my passion and I would love to work with anyone!  Thanks for reading!!

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